Welcome to the VAMPIRE microarray analysis suite. The tools encapsulated by this integrated analysis environment are based on the Bayesian framework established in Hsiao, et al, 2004 in Bioinformatics (bioinformatics, pubmed). Details about this suite can be found in the 2005 NAR Web Server issue (nar, pubmed). This site was originally developed to manage the large amounts of microarray data handled by individual users our lab (200+ microarrays), and simultaneously provide access to sophisticated analysis algorithms. We have designed this analysis suite to be relatively easy-to-use, and additional comments are always welcome.

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We moved again! The server hardware has been upgraded.
Posted by Gene Hsiao on 2008/10/24, 05:14 PM
Updated the GOby annotations (ver 200704)
Posted by Gene Hsiao on 2007/04/19, 02:30 PM
Array Editor added -- you can create your own array platforms now!
Posted by Albert Hsiao on 2007/04/10, 06:20 PM
We moved! Some things that have been upgraded:
(1) The server hardware!
(2) The header
(3) Left navbar
Posted by Gene Hsiao on 2007/03/21, 07:14 PM